Beautiful films that Engage


Nothing tells a story like a short film.

More than any other medium, film is powerful at conveying emotion and therefore an invaluable tool in your advertising and marketing arsenal.

Smart phones changed advertising forever - Video is now the fastest growing advertising medium. 
Digital film has revolutionised film making too, making high quality production much more affordable with using smaller more mobile crews.

What makes films great is still the same
- stories that connect with your audience

... that's our speciality



We have developed fixed price ALL INCLUSIVE PACKS to help get started on your film.

Use the ADD ONS to customise the ALL INCLUSIVE PACKS to fit the project and your budget.

All prices exclude GST and travel - travel is free within Greymouth and Hokitika areas.


Online Ad

Think of this like a TV Ad - A Strong call to Action.
Up to 50 second duration - Perfect for social media or online advertising.

Includes: Script, 2hr HD single location shoot, Edit, Music, Master File and Vimeo link.


Tell a story, introduce characters, showcase a product or give your audience an update.
Up to 2 minute duration - Perfect for social media or Websites.

Includes: Script, Half Day HD single location shoot, 1 Drone Aerial, Edit, Music, Master File and Vimeo link.


Develop your story on a theme. Pull multiple strands together to create a clear picture of what you offer. Use multiple characters to showcase different points of view - customers, production, management, strategy.
Up to 6 minute duration - Perfect for social media or websites.

Includes: Script, One and a Half Day 4K multi location shoot, 2 Camera Interviews, up to 5 Drone Aerials, Edit, Music, Master File and Vimeo link.


Steadycam Gimbal
mini - $100 /day.  full - $250 /day

Dynamic moving shots that are rock steady..

Drone Aerials
1 shot - $250
3 Shots - $500
5  Shots - $750

Shots over water or in high risk environments cost 25% extra

$150 /day

A portable crane for over head or moving shots.

Extra Location
$250 /1 extra, $350 /2 Extra

Extra finished Edit duration
$450 /min

Extra camera
$200 /day

All prices exclude GST, Travel and accommodation